Work with innovative artists in projects 
that explore and expand urban space

The ANTI Festival is held annually in Kuopio. Works by artists from all over the world take over the city's public spaces - homes, shops, markets, businesses, forests, lakes. The audience and the various communities get in the middle of everyday work - to do and experience them.

The event has presented and commissioned works by the world's most interesting artists from Europe, the United States, Australia, Mexico, Japan and leading artists from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. They proudly support the growing number of emerging artists, and are often the 
first to attract them to international attention.

ANTI is a versatile art organization whose activities today do not only include a week-long festival once a year. They participate in the development of art and artists' work throughout the year through our various collaborative projects.

They are currently are looking for volunteer assistants to help them prepare and implement the ANTI Festival. Various work tasks are sufficient from September 3 to September 2. and especially during the event from 10 to 15.9.2019. They need helping hands for a wide range of tasks: for example, work and transport of artists and supplies, working at the festival center, acting as an artist's personal assistant etc...

You can participate in one or more days. Please let them know on what days you are available and what tasks you are interested in. Define the tasks and timetables that are right for you! Ask for more information and sign up using: jyri@antifestival.com or 050 305 2005!

For more info regarding the festival, check out their website http://antifestival.com/