B-Seite Festival

Festival for Visual Art and Now Culture

Presenting, communicating and discussing the diverse currents, varieties and debates from different areas of (new) media art with the widest possible audience of visitors, creators and experts has been the goal of the Association for Visual Art and Contemporary Culture for many years.

An aesthetics based on the digital remains the driving force for them. Many of the works presented as part of our festival are still home to that enlightened and emancipatory impetus for which the Internet once stood. Staged in an optically attractive way, many of the works presented pose the question of how our sensory impressions shape our patterns of perception and our thinking. Genre boundaries do not exist in our experimental laboratory. Owners of a record player will be able to easily understand the concept of our festival: sometimes it is the inconspicuous "B" on the vinyl disc, behind which the real treasure hides. The B-side tracks down these pearls that thrive off the spotlight, takes a second look and does not shy away from placing the pickup on grooves, that previously went unnoticed. Creases with crack inclination and sharp tempo curve.

In March, the festival presents works and works of New Media Art and Digital Art: video art, interactive projections, mappings, installations and light art works, audiovisual performances and an exhibition. Workshops, talks and a symposium flank the visual and auditory offerings as part of the VJ conference.

More information can be found on their website at http://jetztkultur.de/b-seite/