Digital Freedom Festival

Challenge the status quo, co-create and celebrate digital culture.

The Digital Freedom Festival is an exclusive, yet influential signature event. Around a thousand participants will discuss the latest trends and discoveries in digital technologies, as well as their impact on startups and corporations, policymaking, and modern lifestyles. It is a multi-event platform where the geeks of the digital era meet with policymakers to solve problems caused by the clash of the digital and analogue worlds. Investors and technology evangelists connect with young, bright minds of the start-up scene, and consumers discuss the impact of technology on our lifestyles.

The DFF stands for new digital liberties and against digital discrimination. It encourages discussion amongst all stakeholders to genuinely “make the world a better place”, and to bring the benefits of the digital revolution to every member of society.

The event is more than just a startup conference. It is a multi-event meeting platform, which takes a special interest in uniting the world of technology. We encourage debate on how technologies can truly “make the world a better place”, creating greater digital dividends for everyone. 

Join the DFF to challenge the status quo, to co-create and to celebrate digital culture.

Tickets can be purchased on their website here https://www.digitalfreedomfest...

Tickets range from €39 for a student pass to €149 for an investors pass.

Find out more information on The Digital Freedom Festival here at https://www.digitalfreedomfest...