IMPAKT Festival 2019

With Speculative Interfaces, the IMPAKT Festival 2019 will explore the future of the interface.

An interface is the point where two systems meet: our interaction with technology. Thus, it’s of great influence on the way our world will be in the future. What opportunities will emerge from the development of more advanced interfaces allowing us to use technology more efficiently? What will happen when interfaces are integrated into our body, when they become invisible and merge with us? If we consider interfaces as extensions of our bodies, how can they create better access to communication and technology for people with a disability? How is the design of an interface used to exercise control, nudge and influence users? How will the interfaces of the future impact identity, power structures and society at large?

You can see and experience all of that in a 5-day programme of art, technology and media culture. Visit www.impakt.nl for more information about the variety of performances, exhibitions, seminars and more.

This year’s curators: Jan Adriaans, Barbara Perea and Marloes de Valk.

Festival days and subthemes:

Opening Day (Wednesday 30 October)

Opening program with among others a presentation by Melanie Bonajo.

Sensory Empowerment (Thursday 31 October)

How can we use interfaces and other technological aids to increase the functionality of our body and our senses? And what does this mean for our sense of self and the way we perceive ourselves?

Keynote by: Mavi Sánchez-Vives

Other speakers and performers: Chris Salter, Simon Dogger, Marianna Maruyama and Miguel Ángel Rego.

Screening programme: Timothy Nohe, Paula Tyliszczak, Harun Farocki and Miguel Ángel Rego, more to be confirmed.

School of Non-Humans (Friday 1 November)

How do humans talk with non-humans, like machines, animals, plants and everything in between? How do machines that seem to get smarter and smarter see us? And what can we learn from non-humans?

Keynote by: Kathy High

Other speakers and performers: Joana Moll and Johannes Heldén.

Screening programme: Melanie Bonajo, Charlotte Eifler and Felix Blume, more to be confirmed.

Persuasive Tech Lab (Saturday 2 November)

Persuasive Tech Lab experiments with persuasive interfaces, designed to influence our behavior. Do we need nudging to act in our best interest? And who determines what is good for us? How do we question these interfaces when they become more and more invisible, operating in the background?

Keynote by: Nishant Shah

Other speakers and performers: Olia Lialina, Lídia Pereira, Winnie Yoe and Chenshan Gao, David Benque and Cristina Cochior.

Screening programme: Susanne Janssen, Disnovation.org, Nvisible.studio, Tactical Tech, Zach Blas and Riccardo Benassi.

The festival programme will also include Sad by Design, a performance by internet critic Geert Lovink, based on his recent book in which he offers critical analysis of the growing social media controversies such as fake news, toxic viral memes and online addiction. The performance by Lovink, together with Amsterdam-based musician John Longwalker, combines lecture with samples, and several electronic music genres to begin mapping a new art of “theory jockeying”.

Exibition day, with tours and artist talks (Sunday 3 November)

This day will centre on the festival exhibition The Sound of One Computer Thinking, which is opened 30 October – 1 December. Artists in the exhibition and the festival curators will give guided tours and talk about their work.

with: Joana Moll, Interactive Architecture Lab (Maria Paneta), Kathy High, Johannes Heldén and RYBN.ORG.


DATE 30 October – 3 November 2019

WHERE Het Huis Utrecht


DATE 30 October – 1 December 2019

WHERE IMPAKT Centre for Mediaculture