La Semaine Numérique

Explore photo and video editing, internet, blogs, sharing tools, learn how to better use your smartphone or tablet, and discover the latest digital news!

Local actors are invited to offer activities of animation, awareness and training around the Internet and digital in the various municipalities of the country. The aim is to encourage the use of these technologies by as many people as possible, to enable the most numerically weakened to discover, to learn, and to help others to deepen their knowledge and identify themselves better. the challenges of digital tools.

Digital Week has been around for 18 years. It was called at the time an Internet Festival. But is the Internet still a party? 
Over the years, this wonderful and promising tool has created its own demons: a digital divide between those who know how to use it and others, the commodification of content, the uberisation of the economy, and more recently threats to the privacy of individuals. Over the years, the Digital Week organized by Media Animation and PointCulture defended the values initially promoted by the inventors of a free and accessible Internet for all: knowledge sharing, citizen emancipation, equality of users, neutrality of the web. These values can only be achieved through digital ownership by the general public and digital media education.

Every workshop, every colloquium, every meeting of successive Digital Weeks have been imagined and promoted for this purpose. This is what makes the event a unique opportunity in the French-speaking public space to suspend the race towards the latest fashionable "app" and bring together experts, citizens and associations for very high value-added exchanges.

Concretely, any association concerned or interested by the theme of the year or wishing to propose a digital workshop, whatever the theme, can contact the Digital Week to propose an activity or to be advised in the organization of 'an activity. These activities can take any form: exhibition, workshop, training, visit of a digital company, conference, etc.

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