Turbulence, man and his future facing the consequences of progress

"Turbulence, man and his future facing the consequences of progress"

Artistic illustration of this theme, the exhibition path offers a panorama of works, installations and experimental projects to discover novelties and flagship projects in digital creation.

The Mirage Festival, the AADN and Les Subsistances are teaming up to offer a season of creative workshops, a monthly meeting for all those who want to discover, acquire know-how and master new digital creation practices. Inviting talented developers, specialists and artists of the city, this appointment is made for all lovers of learning-by-doing, good mood and collective challenges.

The Décodages season offers free "discovery sessions" as well as paid "learning sessions" to meet the expectations of novices or experts in the field. All workshops take place at Subsistances.

The Mirage Festival offers, through an ambitious and multidisciplinary program, a panorama of digital cultures. To reflect the richness of this contemporary creation fueled by technology, the festival offers a unique format revolving around an exhibition route and evenings of performances and concerts. A major event at the Metropole de Lyon, the festival offers, in connection with this program, time for exchange and reflection on the occasion of the Creative Mirage. Integral and inseparable part of the festival, the Mirage Creative is a space for networking, the transmission of knowledge and common reflection on issues related to digital cultures.