STRP says: to hell with future phobia, here’s to the future!

STRP has had it with the dark and tough flirt with dystopia. We ask ourselves: how in heaven’s name can we come through this conservative and fear-driven period together? STRP explores scenarios for a positive future. We will guide you through a time in which technology seems to offer the solution for everything, and doom-scenarios are leading. During STRP Festival 2019 you will meet artists and activists, thinkers and doers, who focus primarily on imagination, and as such are able to give shape to inspiring alternatives.

National and international artists imagine a possible future and make ground-breaking proposals for a new internet, for how we can once again come into contact with our own bodies and for a renewed relationship between ourselves and nature. They introduce a virus that can bring people closer together, create new rituals and together with the audience and the newest technologies, visualise how our future world could look, feel and smell.

Together with Fontys, STRP is organising a dynamic, two-day conference programme in which the speakers share new inspiration, new images and new ideals that we so desperately need to build a hopeful future. There is no stateliness at STRP FESTIVAL 2019. They will present a lively programme with keynotes, panels, performances, encounters with artists and tours through the exhibition.

3 April: Positive Futurism

Can we make the future predictable and, transcending fear and nostalgia, give our imagination the space to think of new scenarios? During day 1 of the conference & dialogue programme they will discuss, with the guests and audience, which conventions we should renounce once and for all in order to think beyond the here and now. 

4 April: The new internet

There is nothing more left of the original promise of the internet as a public domain where non-profit information is shared worldwide. How can we organize the power of online communities in a noncommercial way, how can we become boss of our own data? Can we build our own internet?

During STRP Festival, children, young people and the elderly will have the chance to go on their own quest to discover what our future world could look like. They challenge you to be unafraid to explore things, to experiment and to trust your intuition. Creativity is the key to get to work with questions regarding technology in our future. Be informed, amazed and inspired. STRP Share shows that creative technology and working on your own creative development is not only useful, but also really great and challenging

Tickets to this event can be purchased on their website at https://strp.stager.nl/STRP%20...