International Festival of Digital Arts of Clermont-Ferrand

The VIDEOFORMES association organizes an annual international festival, in Clermont-Ferrand, presenting the latest in digital creation: installations, videos, performances, multidisciplinary digital creations, and round tables on topics broadened to the creative industries and societal changes related to digital.

Our world is now covered by another world, the digital world. Each of us absorbs this surf with more or less happiness. Some people experience this evolution as a dehumanization of our relations, a submission to GAFAM, a forced conversion to the binary doxa. 
Yet there are fields of research that should be heard if not explored, those that digital artists imagine. These artists draw us possible worlds and reveal to us hidden aspects of the promises made. Poetry is today what makes it possible to forgive the algorithms their errors and their effervescent errors. Art anchors the past, the present and the future in this fleeing world.