European Mobility Award Report | Martina O'Brien

Recipient of a European Mobility Award, Martina O'Brien, reports on experimenting and testing out parts of Quotidian; a multimedia project that examines relationships between people, technology and nature by exploring links between the local and global in terms of planetary scale systems of climate observation.

Martina O'Brien

Martina O’Brien holds an MA in Visual Art Practice at IADT, 2014, having previously studied at undergraduate level at both Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design and NCAD.


During my time as EUCIDA’s Digital Artist in Residence in Espace Multimédia Gantner I had the opportunity to experiment and test out parts of Quotidian; a multimedia project that examines relationships between people, technology and nature by exploring links between the local and global in terms of planetary scale systems of climate observation. With outcomes primarily based on experimentation with live-feed and multichannel video, this project looks into the area of futurology and combines research into game theory, statistics and speculation as a means of exploration.


This digital residency benefited my over all practice greatly because it allowed me to test out various video edits by accessing Espace Multimédia Gantner’s extensive range of equipment and at the same time, its wide range of expertise available on site.

Upon arrival I was facilitated with a large gallery space to use as my studio and Vincent the technician had pre-installed six monitors for me to work with. This was a great opportunity for me to visually view how the various project elements worked together as a whole. Further, Espace Multimédia Gantner had organised access to multiple Raspberry Pi’s and over the course of my residency, Vincent helped me to programme, run and sync all six video channels together. 


Access to such expertise was fundamentally the most valuable aspect of the residency for me and for my work, as it allowed me the time and space to experiment, learn and gain full autonomy of my project outputs and provided me with new skills to apply to technically similar future works.

In addition, conversations with various staff members proved fruitful over the course of my stay in Espace Multimédia Gantner. For example, Fabian the Librarian helped me to make the most of the Centre’s library resource by enabling me to identify specific books and films that linked in with my project research. In this process I accessed a number of artist and filmmaker’s works that I had previously been unfamiliar with.

Furthermore, the time granted by this residency was another very valuable element as it allowed me to work undisturbed and to focus solely on developing my work. By virtue of this fact, I was in a position to spent time planning out further sequences of the project and developing layout features of its accompanying publication. 


Finally, a lovely add-on to my residency was the opportunity given to me by the Centre’s Director Valérie to visit the HeK (House of electronic Arts) Basel’s EcoVisionaries Exhibition over the first weekend of my residency. 

The works from this project are on-going and will be exhibited in Illuminations Gallery, NUI Maynooth, November 2019.