UNESCO launches Global Survey on Status of the Artist

UNESCO is launching until 23 November 2018 a global survey on policies and measures taken around the world to support the economic and social rights of artists.

It is coming at a critical time when artists and creators around the world have reiterated calls for stronger rights, fairer remuneration, copyright reform, legislation to give creators a fair deal from global companies, especially those providing a platform for user-generated content (UGC).

As reported in UNESCO’s 2018 Global Report 2018 Re|Shaping Cultural Policies, artist’s employment and social status continues to be precarious, with low access to social security, pensions and other welfare provisions.

Much awaited by artists and cultural professionals, the survey’s findings should serve to inform policy decision makers and send an empowering message to the global community– one that allows future generations of creators to make a living from their work.