Artist Residency Poland: Lódz

We are a small international artist collective from various arts practices partly based in Poland and partly in Australia.

Large studio/living space for multidisciplinary artists in an urban environment but in a non tourist destinations.  Lódz is a large industrial Polish city which inspires artists with its unusual atmosphere. And for most people the destination should be part of the reason for applying - to find oneself in a truly new place opens up creative possibilities. The strength of the residency is the vast artist network introductions on offer, from many creative disciplines but a very large focus on textiles But all visual arts, film, theatre, photography. Can liaise with galleries / exhibition / showing spaces.  The studio is also great as rehearsal space and can accommodate more then one person. Including partners and/or children. 3 month residencies are preferred but can accept shorter between March and November.

Disciplines: Visual arts, sculpture, dance, theatre, performance arts, textile art, music, literature, new media, animation, curatorial, film making.

For more information visit resartis.org or contact wildgoosetheatre@gmail.com.