L Art Open Studios (LAOS): Artist in Residency Program

LAOS, founded in 2015, is a studio, exhibition and project space. By organizing exhibitions, studio visits and talks, LAOS provides a platform for the dialogue of contemporary art in an international context.

Budapest is an artistic centre in Europe that connects East with West. The city is a spacious, comfortable, laid back cultural hub with a vibrant local art scene that in various art forms (ranging from music to visual art) actively cooperates with the international art world. Within this thriving context, our AiR program is operating both on an invitation and application basis and artists are selected by a group of acknowledged experts – Délia Vékony, Linda Bérczi and Szilárd Cseke – within a short period of time. The studio apartments are located right next to the five in-house studios, which are currently used by Hungarian contemporary artists (painters and sculptors), as well as the exhibition space that showcases events monthly. 

The program is open to all artists who wish to work independently on their own projects. Artists may use the residency to accomplish a specific project or to work in a creative and supportive atmosphere alongside other international artists. Resident artists are able to exchange ideas and experiences through presentations and informal discussion, among each other or with the artists occupying the studios. The apartments can be rented through a selection based residency system for a 1 to 6 months time period. At the end of the sojourn, artists residing longer than five weeks are to be introduced to the local audiences through a one-week solo show. Furthermore, during opening nights, residing artists have the opportunity of opening their studios to the visitors and audiences of each exhibition, gaining the opportunity of creating great contacts and connections. During your stay in Budapest we will guide you into the cultural vibe of the city. You shall be introduced to the local art scene (curators, artists, collectors), we will show you the city and recommend exhibitions worth to visit.

Open to digital art, land art, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, and visual arts.

For more information and application detils visit openstudios.hu/en