NØ SCHOOL NEVERS is a unique international summer school, held in Nevers in Burgundy, aimed at students, artists, designers, makers, hackers, activists and educators who wish to further their skills and engage in critical research around the social and environmental impacts of information and communication technologies.

During 2 weeks, NØ SCHOOL NEVERS will offer to its 15 participants (max), the opportunity to follow a unique intensive curriculum, mixing theory and practice, research and making, led by an international panel of artists, designers, critical makers and theorists.

This summer school is targeted toward students and independent artists looking for an intensive opportunity to improve their technical skills and learn about recent developments in the field of technology and culture. Are you a graduate student working in the field of art and technology and wanting to iterate some ideas for your thesis project? Are you a doctoral student in science and technology studies and interested in learning technical skills related to your research? The program includes intensive technical workshops, afternoon studio sessions, evening conferences and concludes with an exhibition and closing concert.

Participants will be able to engage in over 10+ workshops and 10+ conferences, led by artists, academics, critical makers, hackers, designers from all over the world. Workshops will include: how to make your own e-waste laptop, hack obsolete hardware, design and solder circuits for audio-visual, do circuit bending, Use Raspberry Pi and Unix Scripting, DIY telecommunication, Technology Self Defense classes, and more... Theoretical lectures and discussions will be held around media archaeology, zombie media, the Life Cycle Assessment of technology, Algorithm and oppression, digital colonialism, hacktivism, and more...

Working in close collaboration with our team of guest teachers NØ SCHOOL aims at creating a safe, open and inclusive working + learning environment for our guests and participants and the local members of the public. Lunches and dinner will be provided for participants, teachers and volunteers.

Participants will work individually or collectively on projects that will be documented and presented in Ravisius Textor’s gallery for the closing weekend. A concert will also be held as closing event of NØ SCHOOL NEVERS 2019.

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